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Enyo's Introduction

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1Enyo's Introduction Empty Enyo's Introduction on Sun May 06, 2012 11:06 pm


High Commander
Characters and Levels
Enyo: lvl 45 Warrior
Bidelia: lvl 11 Archer

Favorite thing to do in Tera:
Right now I've been enjoying the game's main story. Also enjoy taking on BAMs as either Tank or DPS.

How did you know about the guild or what prompted you to join?
Was the original GM of HG in Tera. Have been a member of the Honor Guard for over a year starting in Vindictus.

About myself:
I'm 25yrs old and am currently serving in the US Army. And so know one asks I've been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and don't expect me to say too much more than that about it. Hmm....I'm normally very sarcastic, have a filthy mind, and tend to have a low tolerance for complete and inexcusable incompetence/stupidity so beware. Anything else you want to know just ask, though if I don't answer it properly it's because I either don't care enough to acknowledge it or I don't like/know you well enough.

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