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Valkari's introduction

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1Valkari's introduction Empty Valkari's introduction on Wed May 09, 2012 9:55 am


Characters and Levels
Valkari: lvl 45 High Elf Priest
Valcier: lvl 34 High Elf Berserker
Valcarie: lvl 21 Human Sorcerer (newly transfered Very Happy)

Favorite thing to do in Tera:
For now it's leveling. I like soloing BAMs with my zerker and even though it can give you nightmares, healing in dungeons or in BAM fights (try healing for a party of 4 WOW style slayers and you'll understand what I mean).

How did you know about the guild or what prompted you to join?
Was initially a member of HG in Vindictus and migrated over with the others when TERA was in CB. I have been a memeber of HG for about 8-9 months.

About myself:
I'm 20yrs old and in college in the states. I'm also a guy. I have a dry (sometimes bordering on sadistic) personal sense of humor, but I'll laugh at just about anything. I love this game +_+

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Added to the designated groups. =)

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Thanks Fae Smile

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