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Guild Master
Together as a guild we have the luxury of not having to bare everything on our own. Individually we have our own strengths, together we grow stronger. In order to maximize our effectiveness we'll need organization. The basics of crafting are listed below. We're going to require that individuals step up to the task of becoming crafters. Crafters backed by support through gathering and organization will lighten the load on all of us. I'll be posting a sign up sheet in a separate thread as a reference of who's who in the guild. Ideally it would be nice to have two or three per craft. I would also like to caution HG, not to spread yourself too thin. Specialize in one or two and rely on your brothers and sisters for the other tasks! cheers

You'll use weaponsmithing to make lances and shields, axes, paired swords, and greatswords. Weaponsmithing uses refined ingots, so learning how to turn ore you have gathered from mining into something useful is a big part of the craft.

Focus Crafting
For those who want to make their own ranged weapons, this is the skill to learn. Focus crafting makes bows, discs, scepters, and staffs, by melding or refining energy-infused crystals from essence gathering into weapons of war.

Lancers and berserkers wear heavy armor, gauntlets, and greaves, and armorsmithing is what you'll use to supply them. Armorsmithing uses the same ingots as weaponsmithing, but you'll need to learn separate patterns to level up your skill on ingots.

Warriors, slayers, and archers wear leather armor, gloves, and boots made out of processed hides. Leatherworking is the only crafting skill not tied directly to gathering. Hides and leather only drop from killed enemies.

Sorcerers, mystics, and priests wear robes, sleeves, and shoes made of cloth. You will need to use plant gathering to gather the materials that you can then turn into the fibers used in tailoring patterns.

Using this skill, your characters can make consumable items like potions, scrolls, and dyes that can aid them while adventuring or make them look good while doing it. In addition to ingots and fibers, alchemy uses its own specialized materials refined from rare versions of gathered items.

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