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ShiroWhite's Introduction

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1ShiroWhite's Introduction Empty ShiroWhite's Introduction on Fri May 11, 2012 3:05 am


Guild Master
Your In-game-name(s) and class:
Shiro.White - Berserker - Human
Althaea - Mystic - High Elf
Minae - Archer - Castanic
Aurucas - Lancer - Human
Navarone - Warrior - Amani

Your current level:
Highest currently Lv45 follow closely by my second alt 35.

Your favorite thing to do in Tera:
I love exploring the new areas and studying that maps to the more complicated dungeons for easier navigation. I enjoy working with the guild the most. Seeing a party work in unison gives me goosebumps, too much fun!

Add anything you would like to share with us about yourself:
I'm 26 years old male, born in Canada. Nationality is Colombian, so raised spanish. I understand it pretty well, I don't have too much practice speaking though so I could always work on that. I love my music and I love my videogames.

How did you know about the guild or what prompted you to want to join?
A couple of us were playing Vindictus a F2P game that wasn't too free to play seriously. However it's a great game still and the friends we made were even better. I was approached by some of the original guild leaders to take care of the guild and see it didn't fall apart. Much love for my HG.

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2ShiroWhite's Introduction Empty Re: ShiroWhite's Introduction on Fri May 11, 2012 2:15 pm


It's a SHIROOOO!!!


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